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As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world, a cruise ship company continues to get hit with lawsuits ... 3 more former passengers are the most recent plaintiffs.

According to new legal docs ... Jeffrey and Anabel Jones, along with Eddy Castellanos, want at least $1 million in damages, claiming Princess Cruise Lines was grossly negligent in allowing them to travel on the Grand Princess cruise ship when it allegedly knew there would be coronavirus exposure.

A significant part of their argument -- according to the suit -- is what happened on another PCL cruise ship ... the Diamond Princess. As you'll recall, the Diamond was quarantined off the coast of Japan due to coronavirus concerns BEFORE the Grand set sail from San Fran and was quarantined in the Bay Area waters for a week.

The 3 passengers claim PCL should have handled the situation better based on what happened with the Diamond, but instead ... they botched it.

Furthermore, the defendants claim an email was sent to former PCL passengers on February 25 to inform them of the risk of coronavirus ... but the defendants say they received no such email. They claim if they had gotten word of it, they would have disembarked from the cruise at the next stop in Honolulu.

Also, just like in the suit first filed by Ronald and Eva Weissberger on March 9, the new suit alleges the ship's staff KNEW at least 2 other passengers with coronavirus had just disembarked from a previous voyage. Despite this, there was no testing done and the screening process was totally insufficient.

Two of the new 3 passengers suing claim to be elderly, and we all know they are more at-risk if they contract COVID-19. The passengers claim despite this, PCL "chose to place profits over the safety of its passengers, crew and the general public in continuing to operate business as usual."

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