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Yolesa Ekitone - Uganda's Judges laugh at poverty-stricken boys from Bombo

Updated: May 9, 2021

This video needs to go viral on social media.

The Judges can be heard laughing at the sweaty boys.

(Let's translate the video to those who do not understand luganda language, spoken by the judges in this video).

Judge Alex Mukulu lead his team to demean and laugh at the poverty-stricken boys

The judges were basically laughing at the poverty-stricken boys * stating that they were smelling bad! The judges can be seen making facial expression and laughing at them.

According to the video, these boys travelled miles away from Bombo - a town that is miles away from the capital, Kampala.

It was obvious the boys could not afford a hotel to sleep in and shower before heading to the show!

Most people on social media are disgusted by the judges handling of the situation.

Instead of laughing at them, how about contributing to buy them soap to go shower?

Despite being demeaned by the judges, the boys remained calm and respectful towards the judges.

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