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Why do we crave sweets after a meal? Three most common reasons

The most common reasons why we crave dessert after a meal

Why do we crave sweets after a meal?

There are several reasons, but one thing remains certain: a frequent craving for sweets could ruin all your efforts to achieve the weight you dream of. Why does our body force us to do something we don't actually want and need? Often it is just a habit, which perhaps we have from childhood age, and it is certainly not easy to fight it. But in some cases the craving for sweets can help us discover where a mistake has been made in our diet. What are the most common reasons for craving sweets immediately after a meal?

It is easier for our brains to follow old habits than to adapt to new ones. So it is normal that if we are used to rewarding ourselves with sweets after every meal, it becomes really difficult to suddenly avoid them

Too many fast-digesting carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates and carbohydrates with high index and glycemic load are digested quickly, raise blood sugar rapidly, and thus cause a weakness for sweets.

Take your time eating

Eating too fast is not a good idea. When we eat hastily, we feel hunger much sooner than when we eat slowly. Therefore, always give yourself enough time to eat and focus on chewing your food well.

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