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Who is the father of Sophie Brussaux's baby - Drake's or A$AP Rocky???

There was a time when media headlines were blowing up with the news that Drake was the father of a child with a woman he met in Toronto. We soon found out that she was named Sophie Brussaux, and she met Drake in January 2017 and almost immediately became pregnant with his child. Two years ago, Brussaux gave birth to a little boy named Adonis, making Drake a first-time dad. This week she was in Toronto and the public jumped on the opportunity to get to know the talented artist. 

Rumors has that Raper A$AP Rocky could also be the baby's father. hmmm We'll let be grill for bit.

Sophie [aka Rosee Divine] Was Born & Raised In France

Brussaux was born on August 1, 1989, in Bordeaux, France, making her a French citizen. That also makes her a Leo who recently celebrated her thirtieth birthday. 

Just don't google her 'Thee' might come across thou things that....anyways

She Currently Lives In New York

Brussaux moved to the U.S. to pursue a modelling career and currently lives in New York. And according to Ok! Magazine, she has also lived in Europe and the Middle East.

She Travels Often

Brussaux has tagged herself in so many different locations on Instagram, it's hard to keep track She's definitely a world traveller, even after becoming a mother, and wrote on her personal website that she's spent "30 years travelling the world". She's been to Paris, Milan, and Dubai, among many more destinations, and often travels to show off her art pieces. All that on top of visiting Toronto to give her son time with his father, Drake.  

She Has Two University Degrees

While she still lived in France, Brussaux got herself not one, but two university degrees. According to OK! Magazine, she holds degrees in International Affairs and Wealth Management. She puts her education and expertise to great use, and this week she gave a speech at York University in Toronto to the Arts Help community. 

She's A Talented Artist Who Paints Celebrities 

If you take a quick scroll through Brussaux's Instagram or website, you'll definitely be blown away by her talent She enjoys painting celebrities' head shots using bright and colourful hues. Some of her most notable pieces include Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie, and she also paints animal photos as well. She even shows the whole process from sketch to completion and it's pretty amazing.

She's A Science Fiction Lover

Brussaux has a keen interest in science fiction and technology. On her website, she wrote that her art focuses on, "cultural iconography, biblical & Sci-Fi fixtures with ideas that span the daring emancipation of female sexuality, AI in dystopian possible futures, and lapsed spirituality." And Famous People said that Brussaux is "an avid fan of Harry Potter movies, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings."

She Used To Be An Adult Actress

Brussaux has moved on, but she originally started off in the adult entertainment industry under the name, Rosee Divine.

She & Drake Are Co-parenting Their Child Together

Brussaux went to Toronto to celebrate her son's second birthday with Drake earlier this month. Drake posted a photo at his mansion of the party decorations, and Brussaux posted a photo of her outside the mansion with more Cookie Monster themed decorations for their son. At one point, Drake had only met his son once, but he told People last year that he and Brussaux are co-parenting their son and he's happy to be in the child's life. 

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