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Usher's Ex-Wife Tameka Asks Georgia Officials to Drain Lake Where Her Son Died in Jet Ski Accident

Foster's late son Kile Glover died in 2012 after he was struck and killed by a jet ski while floating in a tube in Atlanta's Lake Lanier.

More than a decade after the son of Usher's ex-wife Tameka FosterKile Glover — died tragically in Atlanta's Lake Lanier, the fashion stylist is asking for the body of water to be drained.

In May, Foster launched a petition to "drain, clean, restore and improve safety measures at Lake Lanier," citing her 11-year-old son's death as one of "multiple tragic incidents that have resulted in the loss of innocent lives" at the location.

Her petition, which has received over 3,300 signatures out of its current goal of 5,000, explains that it's "imperative" to improve the lake's conditions "to ensure the well-being of all individuals engaging in personal watercraft and recreational activities."

Kile, whom Foster, 52, shared with ex-husband Ryan Glover, died in June 2012 after he was struck by a jet ski while floating in an inner tube on the lake. In 2014, Jeffrey Simon Hubbard was found guilty of homicide by vessel as well as "serious injury by vessel, reckless operation, unlawful operation of personal watercraft and boat traffic violation," per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

At the time, she said on the petition's website, "The Department of Natural Resources testified in court that the perpetrator should have been cited, but timely action was not taken."

Foster added, "The lake's construction over a city has resulted in altered current patterns that pose significant dangers to those enjoying water-based activities. The unique circumstances created by the lake's location require a proactive approach to enhance safety measures and prevent accidents."

According to Lake Access, "Lake Lanier is considered the dirtiest lake in Georgia," which Foster cited as a main reason the body of water should be cleaned and restored.

The petition asks for "stricter regulations and proper zoning for various water-related activities" to be implemented, as well as better "enforcement of rules and regulations to prevent avoidable accidents and tragedies."

Foster — who was married to Usher from 2007 to 2009 — would also like to see a "comprehensive assessment" of how the lake's location has "altered current patterns" in order to "implement enhanced safety measures."

Additionally, the lake is named after Confederate States Army private Sidney Lanier, and Foster asked in the petition for Georgia officials to "acknowledge and rectify the racial and Confederate associations tied to the lake through educational initiatives, public awareness campaigns and the promotion of inclusivity and unity."

She noted that "draining, cleaning and restoring" the lake is also "an opportunity to honor the memory of those who have lost their lives and prevent further tragedies."

At the end of its description, Foster included a note to her late son: "I love you Kile and I will fight to the end!"

Source: Jack Irvin

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