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TVOkids unveils new slate of programming amidst exciting lineup for Fall-Winter 2022

Explore newly greenlit series plus this season’s premieres that support learning for school and life

Toronto, ON, Oct. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TVOkids, the internationally celebrated children’s media and digital learning organization, has announced a new slate of series that have been greenlit for production. Ontario families, educators and children’s media industry professionals can look forward to the following series from celebrated Canadian production companies.

“We’re thrilled to announce these new series partnerships with industry-leading production companies,” says Kirsten Hurd, Executive Producer of TVOKids. “Each series embodies TVOkids’ commitment to preparing children for school and life through engaging learning experiences.”

Greenlit series

Tiny & Tall (Little Engine Moving Pictures) Best friends Tiny and Tall live in neighbouring mountaintop villages in a fantastical world full of colourful creatures and landscapes. This adventure-filled 3D-animated series (27 x 5½) for preschoolers celebrates differences and explores simple math skills in a hilariously playful way.

Audrey’s Shelter (Image-In Atlantique) From the saiga and the kakapo to the northern hairy-nosed wombat, this animated series (52 x 11) for 4- to 7-year-olds highlights some of the most endangered animals on the planet. Audrey lives at her family’s wildlife refuge, where she experiences fun adventures and learns about caring for at-risk species.

Secrets of the Forest (Fifth Ground Entertainment) Hosted by a young girl who’s passionate about the environment, this live-action, docu-style series (26 x 11) for 6- to 9-years-olds puts the spotlight on Earth’s precious wild spaces. Every episode reveals new knowledge about the forest with the help of scientists, conservationists and ecologists.

Fall-Winter 2022 premieres

The following Fall-Winter 2022 series are airing this season on the TVOkids broadcast channel and streaming via, YouTube (preschool and school-age) and smart TV streaming services.

Rosie’s Rules (9 Story Media Group) This preschool family sitcom (80 x 11) features a culturally diverse, blended family and celebrates Mexican culture. Rosie enjoys actively learning about the fascinating world around her family and builds new skills along the way. Watch now on YouTube.

ABC with Kenny G – Season 2 (Big Bad Boo) When night falls, grumpy Kensington the cat becomes jazzy Kenny G to sing late night ABC songs for his animal friends. This animated series (26 x 2) for preschoolers helps young children build literacy skills while moving to the music. Watch now on and YouTube.

TVOkids Original Polkaroo Reads (GAPC Entertainment) Everyone’s favourite mascot takes preschoolers on a literacy adventure through the city, the suburbs and the countryside to discover the alphabet and some simple words. Each episode of this series (26 x 2) explores a featured letter and highlights its relation to the world around us. Premieres Monday, November 7, 2022.

TVOkids Original Teeny Tiny Stories (Good Game Films) Based on The Big Book of Teeny Tiny Stories by Skyler Hammond, this imaginative series of animated shorts (30 x 1) for school-aged children presents diverse experiences and captivating perspectives from a host of characters. Each video offers creative opportunities to inspire kids. Premieres Monday, November 7, 2022.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates - Holiday Special (TG Entertainment) This holiday special (1 x 25) finds Tom's extended family coming together and celebrating at the Gates household. But everything keeps going wrong for Christmas dinner. Will Tom's homemade Christmas crackers and surprise guests be enough to save the day? Premieres Thursday, December 8, 2022.

Two TVOkids Originals will also be going into production for second seasons: 5 Ingredient Challenge and Curious Crafting.

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