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'Toronto Poet Andrea Thompson Explores Family Connection To Slavery In New Album 'The Good Word'

Canadian Poet Andrea Thompson explores Black History and family legacy with new spoken word album, 'The Good Word'

With her latest spoken word album, Andrea Thompson takes us on an unforgettable exploration of Canadian Black history. Thompson sheds light on the experiences of often silenced Black voices, including that of her own paternal ancestor, Cornelius Thompson, who escaped slavery in the United States, and journeyed to Canada via the underground railroad.

Through THE GOOD WORD, Thompson brings to light questions of faith, race and reparation, through re-imaginings of negro spirituals, blues, jazz, and more, while exploring and investigating the complicated question 'Blackness' in Canada.

BIOGRAPHY: Andrea Thompson *Andrea’s Paternal ancestor, Cornelius Thompson escaped slavery to Canada via the underground railroad *Andrea is the 2021 recipient of the Leon E. & Ann M. Pavlick Poetry Prize *Andrea designed and teaches the first spoken word course at the University of Toronto

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