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Toronto Medical Student Has Invented A Unique Tool That Will Help You Lose 52 Lbs In 28 Days

This is Elizabeth Pierce, the top medical student from The University of Toronto.

In 28 days, she was able to lose 52 pounds! No diet or exercise is required.

Her medical specialty is food technology. And in the process of working on her Ph.D. thesis, she stumbled upon a new method of blocking fat, which no one had heard of before.

On the stage in front of the scientific community, she stated:

"I can convince anyone to see similar results. If you struggling with your weight… you can ALSO lose 52 pounds in 28 days. Without diet and exercise. Thanks to this unique tool."

Her professors and their colleagues were shocked. It all seemed fake to them.

But Elizabeth proved them wrong.

Let's talk in detail about the product Elizabeth invented.

How Elizabeth Made This Discovery.

Elizabeth discovered this revolutionary weight loss solution during her 2nd year of study at the Toronto Medical School. Because of her hard studies, she had no time to follow a healthy diet and therefore she gained more than 50 pounds during her first year of study. As a future nutritionist, she was ashamed, but she didn't have enough time to play sports. Because of her excess weight, everything was bad even in her personal life ...

One day she was looking for materials for her studies in the rare books department of the university library.

She came across an old book that described one interesting but already forgotten research "Fat blocking method. Experiment 35/10" .

Looking back at herself in the mirror, Elizabeth knew she had to do something about it.

A New Method Of Blocking Fat.

She needed to apply this new fat-blocking method.

Initially, she tried to create the necessary remedy from improvised means by mixing salts, alkalis (notes: soda) and acids such as vinegar and citric acid. But unfortunately at home, the result was not as expected, and without special equipment, it was difficult and very expensive. But she was moving in the right direction, and this method needed to be developed. Fortunately, she got access to the nutrition laboratory at the Medical School, which allowed her to experiment with this method.

The fat-locking method was simple, the lab had all the necessary ingredients.

After months of trial and error...

...Elizabeth managed to collect the perfect combination of ingredients.

All this was necessary in order to try this fat-blocking method.

Elizabeth tested her research on herself. And in 7 days she has already lost 18 pounds.

What Is The Essence Of This Fat Blocking Method?

There are special hormones in our body - leptins, that regulate the feeling of hunger and deposit fat cells. Unfortunately, most modern people have hormonal failures and they do not work correctly. This leads not only to increased appetite but also to a slow metabolism. Resulting in unjustified weight gain.

My method returns the robot leptins to normal, it triggers signals that accelerate metabolism. Your brain receives signals that you are full and that the body should burn excess fat.

The studies I found in the book discussed early experiments of the 1980s. And one patient who followed a New fat-blocking method was able to lose 77 lbs in 10 days.

But the scientific community of that time was scared, they were not ready for such results.

Fearing responsibility, the experiment was covered up and soon forgotten about it.

But now, you can also block a set of fat and lose a lot of weight in a month.

What To Do If You Have A Slow Metabolism Or You Have Been Struggling With Weight Gain All Your Life?

Don't worry.

Even if you have a slow metabolism. Even if you've been trying to lose weight all your life. Or even if you just want to lose a lot of fat before the upcoming big wedding or event.

A new method of blocking fat will easily cope with this.

Take, for example, a 62-year-old Peter Jones.

He has struggled with gratuitous weight gain all his life. But after he tried Our method. He can eat almost anything he wants.

And at the same time stay in shape!

See how Peter Jones dropped from 225 pounds to 180 pounds in a month:

A new fat-blocking method can make all your weight loss dreams come true.

What Kind Of Mineral Is It?

It is called the salt mineral K3.

And it gives your body the boost it needs to send signals about a new way to block fat to your brain.

It reminds your body that you are full and satisfied with what you have eaten.

Prevents fat gain.

K3 Salt Mineral not only blocks fat but also puts your body in a state of ketosis.

This turns your body into a fat-burning furnace.

...And what's the best thing?

To achieve unrealistic results, you do not need to follow a diet or exercise.

Watch this test between two patients.

Elizabeth forced one woman to follow a traditional keto diet for a month, and another woman used the mineral K3 Salt.

A woman who was engaged in a traditional diet lost about 17 pounds:

“This K3 Salt Mineral discovered by Elizabeth is revolutionary. Easy to use. And you have the fastest weight loss results without a diet or a complex exercise plan. There are no side effects either. Highly recommended.”

Say goodbye to grueling exercises and heavy diets...

...welcome a happier and easier weight loss.

But you may be wondering how to do it in your daily life.

It's easy!


This Is The Easiest Way To Lose Weight

Why is it the easiest way to lose weight?

You just take the mineral twice a day. And you can also lose 52 lbs in 28 days!

No diet or exercise is needed!

Without counting calories and restrictions in food.

No grueling workouts.

Don't you believe it?

See how Susan lost 50 lbs in 27 days:

But Is There A Risk Of Gaining Weight Again? No!

Is The Mineral K3 Salt Safe?

K3 Salt Mineral is very safe because it is a well-studied natural mineral, which Elizabeth discovered in her research.

No side effects!

72% of people who used traditional fat burners experienced side effects, while 0% of K3 Salt Mineral users had side effects.

And look what some of these patients said:

How To Get The K3 Mineral?

Well, today is your lucky day!

Elizabeth has finally received approval from her team and investors to release this K3 salt mineral to the general public...

In the form of Keto Clean Plus gummies.

Each bottle of Keto Clean Plus contains the required amount of the mineral K3 Spark.

Elizabeth's team has invested millions of dollars in the distribution of Keto Clean Plus.

Normally, a bottle of this high quality weight loss solution would cost around $100 a bottle.

But...that's not what you'll be paying today for a bottle of Keto Clean Plus.

We’ll get to the real price in a second, but first...

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