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Thought Exchange Unveils New AI Integrations for Engagement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThoughtExchange, the world’s most trusted engagement and survey platform, has today announced the addition of new AI capabilities, including a secure integration with OpenAI.

The updates, developed after years of AI research and development, offer a comprehensive suite of powerful tools to help leaders unleash the full potential of their engagement initiatives:

  • Generative AI Tools: ThoughtExchange users can now tap into the platform’s AI technology across all stages of their engagement initiatives, from collecting input, gaining insights and actioning results. By combining the power of collective intelligence with advanced AI capabilities, users can more rapidly gain valuable insights into what matters most to their people, resulting in improved experience across their teams and communities. ThoughtExchange’s newest suite of AI tools is currently available to all customers via live Beta.

  • Community Hub: A new hub where leaders can invite people to participate in Exchanges and monitor the progress of important initiatives. This feature is a one-stop shop for leaders to showcase the impact of their work.

  • Surveys: Leaders can now run surveys directly on the ThoughtExchange platform, with the ability to ask multiple question types and capture greater nuance in their data. Best-in-class analytics also provide beautiful visualizations, enabling leaders to dive deeper into survey data without the need for multiple tools. ThoughtExchange’s survey software now includes a comprehensive layer of collective intelligence and AI.

Together, these new features enhance the capabilities of the ThoughtExchange platform, enabling leaders to connect with their teams and communities like never before, gain valuable insights, and drive positive change.

“We're proud to introduce these groundbreaking innovations to our customers, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to enhance our platform's existing survey and collective intelligence capabilities,” said ThoughtExchange CEO Dave MacLeod. “This critical evolution of our platform enables leaders to communicate with unprecedented speed, transparency, and inclusivity, fostering constructive dialogue and collaboration even in the face of polarization.”

In today's volatile economic and political climate, leaders must prioritize transparency and collective confidence to tackle challenging topics and ensure financial stability. They must also retain top talent by developing consensus on key issues. ThoughtExchange remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that allow leaders to align their teams, lead through change, and improve critical operations with greater transparency and collective confidence.

With nearly 6 million participants already engaged in anti-bias conversations using ThoughtExchange's software, the platform has become a driving force in promoting inclusive leadership. Over the past 5 years, the company has experienced remarkable growth, with revenue increasing by 585% and the customer base more than tripling. This growth reflects the rising demand for collective intelligence technology that helps leaders reduce bias, amplify all voices within organizations, and make better real-time decisions.

About ThoughtExchange ThoughtExchange is the most trusted engagement and survey platform for inclusive problem-solving. Whether engaging 10 or 10,000 people, modern leaders use the award-winning SaaS platform to quickly gain critical insights and improve decision-making. Today, ThoughtExchange's customers span school districts representing thousands of educational leaders and nearly 40 million students across North America, as well as large public and corporate organizations.

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