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This Montreal Bakery Is Giving Away Free Desserts For Its 10th Anniversary

Sophie Sucrée is poised to mark a decade of delectable, guilt-free confections in July — and anyone can get a complimentary slice of the birthday cake, or at least a sweet treat, to celebrate.

A decade ago, while the local vegan scene was still spreading its roots, Sophie Sucrée’s doors swung open, pulling people in with the irresistible scent of fresh-baked bread and pastries.

Today, the landscape is dotted with vegan businesses flourishing like never before, and Sophie Sucrée is a forerunner, setting pace in the local plant-based culinary revolution.

"I worked hard to make vegan options even the most skeptical would enjoy," said Milène Laoun, Sophie Sucrée owner and found, and the force behind the bakery's vegan treats.

"I wanted to show this gourmet city that vegan food is the future of indulgence. I was committed to surpassing all expectations of what vegan food could be," she said.

On July 14, Sophie Sucrée will celebrate its anniversary with an event chock-full of joy and, naturally, pastries. Early birds will be rewarded: the first 50 customers can look forward to a complimentary almond croissant — the bakery’s bestseller.

A lucky draw promises 10 prizes, topped by a $100 Sophie Sucrée gift card as the grand prize. Small bites, $2 raspberry lemonades, and a 10% discount on all July online orders round out the celebrations.

After ten years in the business, Sophie Sucrée continues to nurture a love for local food culture and a commitment to sustainability. Devout vegans and curious foodies alike should step into Sophie Sucrée on July 14 — you might just find your new favorite dessert.

When: July 14, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: 3770, boul. Saint-Laurent

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