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The Future of African Music Industry

Tabic Records releases four music videos of their teenage stars - AOD Drex and Amani Boss.

AOD Drex had videos for his singles  ‘LEG WORK' and ‘GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER.'

while Amani Boss’s singles ‘WAY UP’ and ‘CELEBRATION’, were also released.

#1 Give me your number by AOD

#2 Legwork by AOD

The songs were produced by Kriz Beats and the videos were directed by Filmmaker Pascal Atuma , who’s also the CEO of Tabic Records.

Looking at the videos and listening to the songs you can tell that we are looking at the future of the African Music Industry, the birth of the next Davido's, Wizkid’s, 2 Face etc.

The future is bright. Be our witness.

#1 Way Up - By Amani Boss

#2 Celebration by Amani Boss

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