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Stop What You're Doing Because the First Photos of Tyra Banks in 'Life-Size 2' Are Here

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The first photos of Tyra Banks reprising her role as Eve in "Life-Size 2" have officially hit the interwebz, and your early-2000s-loving self is going to want to see them.

The four different photos show Eve in a variety of situations, and in one she wears an incredible rainbow/metallic jacket.

The first movie aired 18 years ago, and this new one had to "grow up" with the audience, Tyra explained to Entertainment Weekly. Eve is not the same doll you knew and loved.

“There’s a little bit of a bait-and-switch where you think Eve is one thing and she turns out to be something else, so fans of the original will go, ‘Oh my gosh!’” Tyra said

“Things are new and she’s still excited about seeing things for the first time…. My other executive producer on this, Stephanie Allain, made a grid for me for the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie of how human Eve is in each scene. So, as the movie progresses, Eve becomes less doll-like and more human, so you’ll see a bit more of that evolution than you did in the first movie.”

Lindsay Lohan isn't in this reboot (she was busy filming her show in Mykonos and making other sorts of trouble), but she will make an appearance *somehow*, Tyra teased.

"Life-Size 2" premieres during Freeform's 25 days of Christmas. Mark your calendars!

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