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South Sudanese Women Intellectuals honored South Sudanese Women for Peace & 13 Unsung Heroes

Systematic and representative inclusion of women in a broad range of peace and security issues is not only important to ensuring a successful negotiation, but also for ensuring that women’s interests are being addressed. Professor Valerie Hudson at Texas A&M University has used quantitative analysis to demonstrate that the security of women is integrally linked to the security of the nations in which they live. And security is linked to the ability of women to sustain peace through leadership roles and to build peace by being fully at the table. Gender equality is a stronger indicator of a state’s peacefulness than other indicators, such as GDP.

Today we are celebrating South Sudan Women Intellectuals (SSWI) for their exemplary role in leadership. Recently SSWI honored unsung heroes and South Sudan Women for Peace

According to the forum's platform on social media - "The Unsung Hero Awards are presented in recognition of the work that women are elbow greasing - practically from grassroot level to fostering peace and sustainable development within their respective communities, and the surroundings, as noted on the forum's social media."

Dr. Anne Lomole - Health Director South Sudan Women Intellectuals

Speaking with Sawa Sawa Network, Dr Anne Lomole - Health Director South Sudan Women Intellectuals - noted that the forum's vision is to shape the vision of South Sudanese women by providing opportunities for Development, Education, Career progression, and valuable connections as well as positions of influence and impacts for women, amongst others.

As per Aisha Anihiri's post on the matter, "the Award is meant to exemplifies the spirit of selflessness dedication. The award’s recipient is a person who, through their hard work and consideration goes above and beyond to perform their duties, withholding looking for accolades. Instead, she does the thankless jobs to ensure her community receives the services and support they need."


SSWI's criteria for the Awards is such that - the nominee acted as a role model by demonstrating compassion and inspires others through their commitment and hard work. The Unsung Hero Award is for the person that has made a significant sacrifice and contribution to her community in one or more of the following:

  • Community advocacy and awareness

  • “Go-to-person” that does the little things to get the job done right

  • Mentoring, training and educating others

  • Demonstrating empathy and compassion

  • Altruism and selflessness that support their community and organizations best interest

  • Outreach and volunteering

  • Promoting and raising the profile of their community

The list of Categories and Winners of South Sudanese Women Awards for Peace

The 13 Unsung Heroes were chosen from the following:

The 10 States

Upper Nile State

Central Equatoria State

Northern Bahr el Ghazal State

Unity State

Jonglei State

Western Equatoria State

Warrap State

Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Eastern Equatoria State

Administrative Areas

Pibor Area

Ruweng Area

Abyei Area

Please some of the Awards' winners below...

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The Official South Sudanese Women Intellectuals' Website:

Source: Sawa Sawa Network, South Sudanese Women Intellectuals forum

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