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Shawn Mendes Celebrates His Birthday in N.Y.C., Plus The Good Place Cast...

Birthday Boy

Happy 21st, Shawn Mendes! The singer celebrates his big day on Thursday with a walk around N.Y.C.

Did you know that Shawn Mendes deletes social media apps?

The ‘In My Blood’ hitmaker admitted he “struggles” with keeping up a presence on Twitter and Instagram and says he actually deleted both the apps from his phone several days ago, with his manager posting content on the accounts on his behalf instead.

Speaking to his fans in a pre-concert Q&A in Atlanta, Georgia, the 20-year-old musician said: “I struggle with social media a lot too. To be honest with you guys, I deleted Instagram and Twitter three days ago, but I send my manager pictures and I’m like, ‘Can you post this.'”

Shawn added he often needs to take breaks from the platforms because the pressures of social media affect him the same as anyone else.

He added: “Sometimes I need to take a break from it too because it gets to me just as much as it gets to anyone else. You have to take care of yourself, it’s really really important. Make yourself come first.”

As earlier reported by The Sauce, Shawn’s new girlfriend Camila Cabello recently urged people to “be kinder” to one another on social media, after some of her fans sent negative comments to her ex-boyfriend Matthew Hussey.

On Instagram, she wrote: “To my fans, if you really love me, please do not send people I love and care about hateful things.

“You doing that really hurts me, and it’s so unnecessary and heavy and damaging to add more pain to pain. There’s a real person behind your tweets. You spamming them with hateful, insensitive things is really not funny, is causing all of our pain, and doesn’t all reflect the values I talk about.

“Please be kind and compassionate and sensitive and respectful. I know you love me, but anyone that’s doing that is really not even respecting the sacred things in my life. The people I love and care about is one of them. I would really appreciate it if you would delete any mean comments you’ve sent, and please be kind by leaving it alone.”

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