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Savage! Ghana’s top youtuber was Warned not to visit South Sudan, yet Woda Maya went, nevertheless!

Who is Woda Maya?

Based on what he noted on his YouTube channel; Woda Maya is a Ghanaian Freelancer, who's believed to be on a mission to change the African negatives by promoting all the 55 African countries in a positive manner to the world, through a brand tag or motto commonly referred to as "AFRICA TO THE WORLD! "

However, Woda Maya did admit on his social media that "I was scared of visiting the world's newest country(South Sudan)based on the things I heard and watched on social media but since am on journey to Change the narratives of Africa I had to go!" Kudos!

Here's one of the videos about Woda Maya's visit to south Sudan. Watch out for more such videos on his social media

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