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Sarah Jessica Parker Sets the Record Straight on Kim Cattrall Feud Rumors

Sarah Jessica Parker wants to set the record straight…she’s not in a fight with Kim Cattrall.

“If one more person calls this a catfight… I’m not in a fight,” Sarah Jessica told Extra.

She continued, “I never fought with Kim. I don’t have to send any gifts to Kim, because I’ve never done anything. She has felt perfectly comfortable to say lots of things. That’s the beauty of living in a democracy, but I have no apologies, meaning, this isn’t a catfight.”

When Sarah Jessica said “she has felt perfectly comfortable to say lots of things,” she maybe was referring to Kimtelling SJP she felt exploited by her, or that she felt she had a “toxic” relationshipwith her Sex and the City co-stars.

Sarah Jessica continued, “This is someone who chose to talk about something and myself, I remain grateful for her work and the role she played on and off camera for all the years we spent together.”

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