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Ryan Reynolds Perfectly Trolls the Peloton Holiday Commercial in His New Aviation Gin Ad

Ryan Reynold's new Aviation Gin ad makes fun of the viral Peloton bike ad that people got *very* upset about.He cast the 'Peloton wife' in his commercial, which is truly genius.

Hi, so remember a few weeks ago when Peloton dropped a holiday ad that literally no one asked for, in which a husband buys his wife an unsolicited Peloton bike for Christmas? And if you don't, then I'm sorry to do this to you, but here it is:

Anyways, people were understandably upset by the commercial (buying a woman exercise equipment for the holidays when she didn't ask for it isn't the best look!), but Ryan Reynolds, being the cultural savant that he is, saw an opportunity to turn the outrage for his own brand by poking fun at the ad.

Last night, Ryan shared the holiday ad for his company Aviation Gin, which features the exhausted-looking wife from the Peloton ad out at a bar with two friends. She's clearly upset, and her friends tell her, "you're safe here" (lol) while she chugs the gin and toasts "to new beginnings." The ad doesn't explicitly reference why the wife is drinking so heavily (maybe she's getting a divorce from her shitty husband? Or maybe she just really needed a break from her bike?), but we also hear one of the friends say, "you look great by the way," referencing the wife's new fitness regime. And just to make it super clear that the ad is parodying the Peloton ad, Ryan captioned it "Exercise bike not included" on his Insta.

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