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Ottawa selected as departure destination for Polar Bear Expedition

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over two thousand kilometers of rugged wilderness separate Ottawa from the polar bear habitat of northern Manitoba, but a new travel option is closing that gap. With the mission to improve access and convenience of Arctic tourism, adventure travel company Gold Star Canadian Tours will conduct a one day Polar Bear Expedition departing from Ottawa this fall during prime polar bear viewing season.

“Many of our guests are initially surprised to learn that travel to the Arctic and back in a single day is possible”, said Joshua Gale, President of Gold Star Canadian Tours. “Churchill has an exceptionally modern airport which allows us to fly directly from Ottawa via our private chartered jet.”

The remote northern town of Churchill, Manitoba is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World'' for good reason. Polar Bears predictably congregate near the town every fall as they wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze. For those who have visited the region, it comes as no surprise that Time Magazine recently proclaimed Churchill as one of the world's greatest places for 2023.

“Our approach to delivering Polar Bear Expeditions is unmatched in its convenience, safety, environmental sustainability and accessibility,” says Gale. “Ottawa is home to adventurous travelers, and our Expedition brings the Arctic closer than ever. Without question, a Polar Bear Expedition is truly the day-trip of a lifetime.”

Reservations are now open for the Ottawa Expedition, scheduled for Saturday November 11th. Gold Star Canadian Tours advises that Expeditions tend to book to full capacity 6 months in advance, and recommended planning early.

About Gold Star Canadian Tours Gold Star Canadian Tours is an adventure travel tour company focused on sharing authentic Canadian destinations and providing convenient and accessible experiences. Learn more at and follow on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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