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Cardi B's idea of turning to politics shouldn't be written off as a pipe dream, 'cause the girl's got what it takes to connect with the people ... so says Omarosa.

We talked to O about Cardi's recent musings about jumping into the public service arena, and she actually told us CB's got all the right ingredients to become a successful politician -- namely, she brings authenticity, passion, energy and real-life struggles to the table.

iamcardib✔@iamcardibI think I want to be a politician.I really love government even tho I don’t agree with Government

Omarosa says that's what voters look for in their leaders, and she thinks Cardi's perfectly suited to give 'em what they want. And, besides that, O says the public is screaming for a shakeup these days in their politics -- just take a look at who they voted for as POTUS.

Omarosa says all walks of life -- including those from the rap game -- are much-needed voices in the public conversation of how our country is run ... so why NOT Cardi B???

She's got other nice things to say about the femcee from the Bronx, but we'll go ahead and let Omarosa speak for herself ... especially on her pitch to team up, if CB was interested.

BTW, Omarosa isn't alone in thinking Cardi would have a shot on the Hill or elsewhere -- the one and only Senator Bernie Sanders soundly agreed in a statement to us just this week.

Is that a groundswell we're hearing in the distance ... sounds like it, huh?

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