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Nicole Kidman Says She And Keith Urban Aren’t A ‘Role-Model Couple’

Nicole Kidman insists she and husband Keith Urban are not a 'role model couple' and says she is 'protective' of their marriage.

Her marriage to country music star Keith Urban is still going strong after 15 years.

And despite appearing to have the perfect relationship, Nicole Kidman insists she and her husband are not a 'role model couple'.

The Oscar winner, 54, spoke about their marriage on Australia's Today show on Friday while promoting her new movie Being the Ricardos.

Today's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins suggested Nicole and Keith, also 54, were the 'pin-up couple for making it work' in Hollywood. Nicole corrected him, saying: 'We don't want to be a pin-up couple. We just want to be a couple that has a great life together.'

She added that her and Keith's marriage shouldn't be considered an archetype because every relationship is different.

'Everyone has the right to their own relationship. We are just very protective of our little bubble. What works for us is what works for us,' she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Richard asked Nicole how she and Keith balance family life with their work schedules.

She said: 'We just work it out our ourselves... We literally will sit - as most couples do - and go, "Okay, here's the schedule. What are we going to do? Nup, too much."'

Nicole added that they've reached a stage in their marriage where they can see if a certain commitment will affect their relationship and decide to not go ahead with it.

'That very much is our family and how do we make that work. The priority is each other and our kids. Nothing is more important than that,' she said.

The couple are parents to two daughters, Sunday Rose, 13, and Faith Margaret, 10.

Nicole and Keith married in 2006, five years after her split from actor Tom Cruise, with whom she shares two adopted children, Isabella, 28, and Connor, 26.

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