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Nene Nwayo: ‘I was asked for sex in exchange for Nollywood roles’

The Nigerian film scene, known as Nollywood, is continually expanding - with over 500 films being created each year in the city of Lagos alone. Nigerian film producer Femi Odugbemi explained to the Today programme's Evan Davis that the "options are limitless" for those in the industry, compared to the late 80s and early 90s when there were fewer "than 10 films a year" being made in the whole of Nigeria. Mr Odugbemi, who is currently working on a film entitled Lady Gaga, also noted that Nollywood "has a history of taking Western themes and Western storylines and turning them on their head". He added that while Nigerians "do enjoy the Hollywood glamour… they are also attached in a very curious way to the Nigerian story".

source: bbc Africa

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