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MARK CUBAN Rips Senators Over Corona Virus Stalemate ... STOP KISSING ASS!!!

Mark Cuban is ripping both sides of the aisle for letting petty differences get in the way of helping the American people in a pandemic ... he says it's terrifying to see our government messing around while lives hang in the balance.

The "Shark Tank" star and Dallas Mavericks owner joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday and dressed down Republican and Democratic Senators for the coronavirus stimulus stalemate.

Mark says there are lots of folks out there with their backs against the wall, not knowing where their next paycheck is coming from or when their kids are going back to school as the country stays on lockdown, and he says Rs and Ds gotta get them some economic relief and fast.

Mark let his frustrations boil over in a Twitter tirade against Sens. Chuck Schumer and John Cornyn, but he's got more bones to pick ... telling us why both sides are to blame for the impasse and wondering why no one is seemingly negotiating for the average American.

The Cubes is definitely on board with the government cutting checks to help folks who are outta work due to the virus ... he says anything that keeps people from being fired or laid off is gonna help the economy.

Speaking of the economy ... it's at the forefront of Donald Trump's mind, but Mark says people don't need to be rushed back to work in the middle of a pandemic.

Mark stops short of ripping Trump, but he's hopeful the Prez takes time to reevaluate things in 2 weeks instead of just opening the country back up for business and lifting quarantines and "stay at home" orders.

The way Mark sees it, the economy could take an even worse hit if people are sent back to work as the outbreak continues ... and he tells us why that's a very slippery slope.

Mark's also got a message for young folks out there who think the virus doesn't pose a risk ... but he thinks they only listen to a certain kind of voice, and it ain't Trump's.

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