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MARK CUBAN MASKS IN NBA A BAD IDEA ...Let's Play Bubble Soccer!!!

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is already brainstorming ways to get the NBA back in business -- but says equipping his players with masks is NOT the answer.

"If a player thinks they need a mask in order to play, we're probably trying to play too early," Cuban said on "TMZ Live" ... "There's too much uncertainty."

"I think maybe players will discuss it, Maybe a player will try it and then they'll realize how difficult it is and it won't happen in an actual game."

Of course, Cuban was recently tapped by President Donald Trump to be an advisor on how to reopen sports in the U.S.

Cuban says he's excited about the opportunity -- and hopes he can work well with POTUS and other leaders to come up with a safe and sustainable solution.

He also talked about fan safety at future sporting events -- and told us some of his high-tech ideas to help fans stay protected against COVID-19 and other illnesses when they do allow spectators back in the buildings.

And, get this ... Cuban also says he's been experimenting with some quarantine-safe sports ideas in his home ... including BUBBLE SOCCER!! Remember, from "Shark Tank?!"

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