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Mark Cuban is offering the general public a way to get the healthcare they need at a truly affordable price ... and all it took was a little less corporate greed. Whodathunkit?!?

The Mavs owner/entrepreneur just launched an online pharmacy that sounds too good to be true -- providing more than 100 common generic drugs ... practically at cost. In other words, the medications are significantly cheaper than most anywhere else on the marketplace.

It's called the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs Company, and it operates as a prescription drug wholesaler ... buying these meds directly from manufacturers, and doesn't gratuitously price hike upon reselling them on his site ... unlike a lot of other pharmaceutical companies.

Now, Mark and co. don't wanna fool anyone -- they are turning a bit of a profit in their endeavor here ... acknowledging upfront there's a 15% markup on their drugs, plus a small pharmacist fee of $3 (and slight shipping costs too). Plus, you gotta pay for their drugs out of pocket.

Still ... it ultimately comes out to a smaller price tag than what you may pay otherwise through your insurance copay or by other means (coupons) at just about any other pill depot.

Also, MC's markup isn't anywhere near the usual 100% (or oftentimes way more) gouging you'll see elsewhere on the market. An example ... imatinib -- a common leukemia treatment -- is being offered through MCCPDC for just $47/mo. ... whereas it normally retails for nearly $10k/mo.

And, get this ... Mark's price is still cheaper than the cheapest option already out there ($120/mo.), so you actually are getting the best deal. Ditto for mesalamine (an ulcerative colitis treatment) and colchicine (gout) ... among dozens and dozens of other generic drugs.

Mark's business model is being as "radically transparent" as possible ... to help as many people as possible, so it's truly a humanitarian effort in spirit.

Don't worry if your medication isn't available on their site just yet either -- Mark says they're working quickly to add a lot more, and are gearing up for the opening of a plant in Dallas to help make this operation run even more smoothly. On its face ... this is pretty incredible.

And, it would seem the masses mostly agree ... Cuban's done what the government (or private citizens with the means) hasn't been able to do for so long. Hats off to that!

source: tmz

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