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M.A.D. Festival: An Explosion of Creativity and Diversity in the Heart of Montreal

MONTREAL, June 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For its 23rd edition, the Festival Mode and Design has evolved to become the M.A.D. Festival to reflect its commitment to offering a more diverse experience to the public by exploring multiple facets of Fashion, Arts, and Entertainment.

The M.A.D Festival is a mosaic of over 150 local and international artists set to take center stage bringing energy, originality, and creativity in a celebration of self-expression that encourages inclusivity and authenticity. The approximately 500,000 expected visitors are invited to attend a variety of free shows, discover artistic installations as well as more than fifty local brands in the pop-up area at the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles.

The programming of the M.A.D festival promises unprecedented performances. Quebec artists such as LouPhelps and Claudia Bouvette will set the music stage ablaze, while Collection MG.02 and UMOJA will offer dance performances. On the fashion side, more than 30 designers will show on stage, including artists such as Guillaum Chaigne and Lakuachimoto, who will impress with their latest collections. Additionally, the fashion shows of Collège Lasalle, École supérieure de mode de l'UQAM, and Collège Marie-Victorin will encourage the discovery of future talent.

Following its huge success last year, M.A.D. continues to solidify its commitment to innovation and personal expression. During the M.A.D. Festival, visitors dare to express themselves and assert their boldness. The M.A.D. Festival brings people from different areas together around its values of agility, audacity, creativity, innovation, inclusion, and authenticity.

"People crave connection, and we offer them a festival where they can celebrate and discover an artistic and creative experience that combines fashion, art, and entertainment." – Jean-François Daviau, President, M.A.D. Collective

"As a cultural metropolis, Montreal is fortunate to have a vibrant creative scene. The M.A.D. Festival is a compelling demonstration of the artistic and creative dynamism that characterizes our city and makes it shine worldwide. I invite the Montreal population and the many tourists visiting the metropolis to take advantage of the four days of the M.A.D. Festival to make exciting discoveries and support our local artists and artisans." – Valérie Plante, Mayor of the City of Montreal.

"The M.A.D. Festival is a not-to-be-missed event that showcases Québec creativity and local talent. M.A.D. raises the profile of the Montréal fashion industry internationally and contributes to the city's economic and cultural vitality." – Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Energy, Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Metropolis and the Montréal Region

"Firmly established in Montréal, the M.A.D. Festival enhances Québec's reputation as a top-notch tourist destination. Not only does it provide an important showcase for our artisans and craftspeople, but it also contributes to the effervescence of the city's events scene. I invite the public to take part and let themselves be carried away by the boundless creativity of the participants." – Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière region

"Through its creativity and its convention-defying approach, the M.A.D. Festival gives Montreal the essence that makes it so distinct in the eyes of our visitors. In addition to animating the heart of the city in the summer, the event reaffirms Montréal's position at the forefront of the international cultural scene, which increases the destination's attractiveness throughout the year." – Yves Lalumière, President and CEO, Tourisme

"Our festivals are at the heart of our communities, and the M.A.D. Festival has been an absolute must-attend event in the city for a long time! Every year, the event showcases the diversity, talent, and creativity from here at home. Congratulations to the entire festival team for organizing this year's edition. Have a great festival!" – The Honorable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage, and Québec Lieutenant

ABOUT M.A.D Festival

The M.A.D. Festival celebrates self-expression through fashion, arts, and entertainment. Founded, produced, and realized by the M.A.D. Collective, this unique gathering offers a free program encompassing urban art, fashion, design, music, and conferences with international personalities. Numerous emerging artists, Canadian designers, retailers, and international icons share their art and vision with the general public each year. A true urban platform, this event is the largest open-air happening of its kind in North America. Over 550,000 festivalgoers are expected to attend this year.

The M.A.D. Festival will take place from August 24th to 27th, 2023, at Place des Festivals and online.

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