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Lori Harvey Talks Lessons Learned From Dating After Almost Getting Married Too Young

Lori Harvey is on many mens’ wish list but only a lucky few have had the chance to get close to her. She’s only 25 but she’s pretty experienced in the love department. During an appearance on Bumble’s Luv2SeeIt, she said that after almost heading to the alter too soon, she decided to change up her dating habits.

“I almost got married very young, after that it made me be like, okay, I hadn’t really experienced anything,” she said. “I didn’t really know myself, I didn’t really know what I liked, what I didn’t like. I just felt like I hadn’t really experienced life. So I think at that point I was like, I’m just gonna date on my terms, however I wanna move, whatever I wanna do, I’m gonna do it. And if it’s no longer serving me, I’m gonna move on.”

Now she keeps a keen eye out for the green and red flags. One thing Lori Harvey won’t tolerate is her partner being too buddy buddy with an ex.

“If you are too close to your exes, that’s a red flag,” she said. “Cordial? Okay.”

She also said she has been working on her own personal red flag: being a poor communicator.

“I was actually a horrible communicator,” she admitted. “I just didn’t realize that it was that bad, but I learned. It’s something that I’ve been actively working on.”

Harvey added that it’s important to not give your power away in a relationship. She said she feels most powerful in a relationship when she sticks to her boundaries.

“Not compromising my values and my standards and my requirements,” she continued. “It also depends, too, like where you guys are at in that stage of the relationship. Sometimes you gotta make sure you’re giving it to the right person. Because when you start giving it to the wrong person, it’s gonna drain you more than you think.”

Harvey was recently dating Michael B. Jordan. They called it quits earlier this year.

”She still wants to have fun and be free,” an inside source told People. “Michael is a great guy. She is sad that their relationship didn’t work out, but she is moving on.”

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