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Little Spud Club, Spud's new kid-friendly program launches just in time for back-to-school

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Spud announced the launch of its Little Spud Club, a first-of-its-kind child engagement program that offers kid-friendly products and meal suggestions aimed at encouraging kids to become actively involved with their parents in food choices and meal preparation. From meal planning to grocery shopping and cooking, Little Spud Club makes it easy, accessible, and fun for everyone in the family to participate in the kitchen, encouraging healthy habits from an early age.

“Back to school time is both an exciting and nerve-racking part of the year and often comes with challenges around food prep and healthy meals for families,” says Sarah Remmer, registered dietician and founder and President of The Centre for Family Nutrition. “A platform like Little Spud Club removes the guess work for children and adults when selecting healthy in-season produce options, allowing them to easily access healthy recipes and products, especially during busy life moments like heading back to the classroom.”

Spud has teamed up with Calgary-based registered dietician Sarah Remmer to create educational content for Little Spud Club. The platform will include tips on packing smart school lunches, recipes for children to choose from for dinner, easy links to all the products needed to recreate meals from the comfort of the kitchen, and more.

“Over the last two decades, registered dieticians and health and food experts have consistently acknowledged the importance of establishing healthy eating habits in children from a very young age and this includes involving them in meals from start to finish,” said Simon Cairns, CEO of Spud. “At Spud, our mission is to provide families with locally sourced groceries, meals and snacks that are fun, healthy, sustainable and taste great, and Little Spud Club is a great opportunity to expand this mission.”

When young children, six months or older, are exposed to a range of nutritious food options they are more likely to eat healthier throughout life because their eating habits are established early on1. Recognizing the importance of introducing these options in childhood and understanding that the main factors affecting food choices in homes include time constraints, accessibility, and knowledge2, Spud created Little Spud Club to provide an engaging food and knowledge experience for children and their families.

Back to school is the perfect time to build healthy food habits from purchasing to preparing food. By encouraging the development of healthy habits from a young age, Little Spud Club encourages kids to make smarter and healthier choices over the course of their lives. To see firsthand how easy and fun Little Spud Club is, visit

About Spud

Spud provides Canadians with fun, healthy, locally sourced groceries, meals and more delivered right to your door and from its sister company Blush Lane retail stores. SPUD is proud to be a certified B Corp company with a focus on strengthening the communities it operates in. Please find out more at

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