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LeBron James questions whether long lines in Georgia primaries are result of systemic racism

LeBron James has not only become disgusted with the disturbing trend of law-enforcement officials killing unarmed black men. The Los Angeles Lakers star also pointed out how the long lines in certain neighborhoods during this week's Georgia primary elections mark yet another example of systemic racism.

James was responding to a Politico reporter's tweet that election lines took hours in some Atlanta neighborhoods while there were no long waits in white, suburban areas.

"Everyone talking about 'How do we fix this?' " LeBron tweeted. "They say, 'Go out and vote?' What about asking if how we vote is also structurally racist?"

Atlanta Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters that he “was in and out in about 20 minutes.” Others were not as fortunate. USA TODAY detailed that “voters reported hours-long lines and issues with voting machines” amid a reduced number of voting locations and polling workers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite those issues, Pierce urged for strong voter turnout amid frustration over George Floyd recently being killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

“It’s important to vote every year,” Pierce said before referring to the United States’ previous ban on women and black people voting. “It is a right we all have. We need to exercise that right. So obviously with what’s going on, understanding how voting impacts your local, your state, your government officials and changing laws and impacting laws and impacting change. It all starts with voting and being educated on why you should vote.”

But as James’ tweet details, that has only presented more racial issues to address.

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