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Kris Jenner Ended ‘KUWTK’ After Kim and Kylie Threatened to Quit, Leaving Khloé and Scott “Upset”

“Who knows how Scott will make money now that the show is being canceled?”

More information is emerging about exactly what went on behind the scenes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending its long run on E!. According to a new report from The Sun, the family was divided about whether or not to end the show, but ultimately, Kris Jenner pulled the plug after Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner wanted to quit.

“The family has been locked in an ongoing debate over the future of the show for months now,” a source says. “Kim has all the drama with Kanye West going on—he’s refusing to put anything personal on the show, and it’s increasingly difficult for Kim to find time to film the show. Kylie is making billions of dollars through her makeup line and product endorsements—she doesn’t need the show and, like Kendall, has always struggled with fame and being in the spotlight. Filming the show meant having to be in L.A. with her family—now she’s free to fly off on holiday or follow Travis Scott on his next tour.”

How-ev-er, Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick are reportedly bummed the show is ending, with the source saying, “The only people who are upset are Khloé and Scott Disick. Khloé’s tried to launch several spin-off shows—but none of them have been as successful as KUWTK. And who knows how Scott will make money now that the show is being canceled—he loves flying in private jets and being treated like an A-list star. I can’t see him flying commercial or paying his own way.”

As the source says, the Kardashians no longer need KUWTK to make money or promote their brands (they have Instagram for that), but “ultimately, it was Kim’s decision to take a break and Kylie’s and Kourtney’s exits that meant it ended.” Hmm, maybe Scott can come out with a sock line? Worked great for Rob Kardashian! Source: cosmopolitan

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