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KANYE WESTCONGRATS KAMALA!!!... But I'm Gonna Beat You In November

Kanye West gave a belated shout-out to Kamala Harris, but he's not gonna vote for her.

Ye just tweeted, "I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends ... congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee ... all love and respect from the future president.  It's an honor to run against you."

So much to say. First, it's cool that Kanye gave the Senator some props. Second, it's also cool he thought about how Donda, his late mom, would have been proud of Joe Biden's pick.

All that said ... Kanye has made it clear -- he's in it to win it, and as we've been reporting, he's trying to get on the November ballot in certain states.

The ongoing intrigue ... what's Kanye's connection to Trump? He's supported him in the past, and Rudy Giuliani told us last weekend he believes Kanye secretly still loves Trump. And then, there's Jared Kushner, who secretly met with Kanye and speaks to him on the phone. Kushner denies they talk politics -- just policy, but it's hard/impossible to believe that.

It seems Trump's people believe Kanye could be a spoiler and hurt Biden by siphoning off black votes from the Democrats.

Confusing AND intriguing.

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