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Kanye West is moving through a crowd like Moses Parts the Sea

Kanye West is moving through a crowd in the latest video, and The Shade Room notes that the man is spreading some Moses vibes with his hand moves.

A hater said: ‘He really thought he was parting the red sea.’

Milan Christopher defended Kanye: ‘Wait, So y’all mad at him from keeping his security guards back from doing the most? All he did was let them know that these are his people he doesn’t need them to move his supporters!

One follower said ‘This isn’t about God or church, and it’s sad to witness,’ and another person shaded Kanye as well: ‘Egomaniac, a God complex can be incredibly dangerous!’

A fan defended him: ‘He’s saying, he didn’t need them because Chicago respects him. Y’all are trippin!’

Someone else shared: ‘He’s always doesn’t want security to hurt anyone. I literally have on video when I went to KTSE listening party and security pushed someone out the way, and he told him not to do that there was no need to push ppl. He’s so nice, but y’all want to paint him as crazy ’

One follower posted: ‘Some of Y’all are mean, mad & miserable. Bye. Let me continue my positive close to perfect day ’

A fan said: ‘Kanye brought out 14,000 people with a 24-hour notice to praise and worship Jesus. Just imagine how many people he can lead to being saved, accepting Jesus Christ. God is using this man to do what those in leadership suppose to do.’

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Kanye would be opening up his Sunday Service to the public this weekend for a special event that would take place in Chicago.

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