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Idris Elba is on the mend in his bout with coronavirus ... and pretty soon he could be immune to the disease, so he says.

The actor gave his fans a huge health update and said his doctor told him that after quarantine "we will be immune for a certain time since our antibodies fought this." Idris says he and wife, Sabrina, are still under quarantine and feel okay, with no changes.

As we reported ... Idris tested positive not long ago and said he wasn't experiencing ANY symptoms. He told fans the day he got tested after he had body aches and a headache.

As for his claim that he'll be immune to COVID-19 -- that's a fact, according to the experts.

The FDA, earlier this week, approved the use of plasma from patients who've recovered patients to treat some of the more severe cases. New York became the first state to begin such testing.

And, even if the antibody protection is short-lasting ... experts reportedly say those who get infected a second time with coronavirus will likely have a milder case than the first time.

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