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Hub Virtual School Finds Success with Online Learning

MEDICENE HAT, Alberta, June 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hub Virtual School, part of Medicine Hat Public School Division, is a fully online school which provides daily live instruction to over 200 students across Alberta. With the focus on creating an online community of learners, Hub Virtual’s dedicated teachers, education assistants, student services, and admin staff work to support all students with their individual learning needs. Hub Virtual school is available to any student with a residence in the Province of Alberta and is tuition free. Hub Virtual School is accepting new registrations for the 2023-24 school year in grades 1 to 11.

Started initially as a response to the pandemic, Hub Virtual School has continued to expand its offerings largely due to demand from the school community itself.

“We found that online learning met a need which wasn’t apparent prior to the pandemic,” says newly appointed school Principal Nathan Gale. “We continue to hear from families that online learning has created an environment where their child is thriving."

Initially operating both elementary and junior high classes up to grade 9 in the first two years of existence, Hub Virtual is now offering a full slate of both live instruction as well as student self-paced classes up to grade 11. Live instruction allows for students to get the help they need in the moment to support their learning and make meaningful connections to both staff and their peers. The self-paced options for grades 10 and 11 allow for greater independence where students can work at their own pace while still accessing teacher support.

“It’s exciting for us to see our model working for so many families,” says Gale. “We continually have students and families seeking us out because we operate as close to an in-person school as possible. When teachers meet each day with their classes, they gain the ability to create a real community for students.”

“Education has continued to evolve and adapt to shifts in technology and unique needs of families,” continues Gale. “This is game changing, transformational work, we are investing in our children, and it is exciting to think of what the future holds.” For more information about Hub Virtual visit

For more information, please contact: 403-526-3793

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