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Get to Know Sam Palladio with These 10 Fun Facts!

You know Sam Palladio from his work on Nashville and in Netflix’s The Princess Switch, but did you know he also has a new Christmas song out now?!

The 32-year-old British actor’s song “Bring It Snow” is available now and to celebrate the release, we caught up with Sam to learn more about him.

Check out 10 Fun Facts below and listen to the song here:

1. I wrote “Bring The Snow” for Netflix’s new Christmas movie The Princess Switchstarring myself and Vanessa Hudgens. I wrote the song alongside my good friend songwriter Trent Dabbs.

2. I played bass and drums on the recording of “Bring The Snow” and my great friends Justin Davis and Sarah Zimmerman of the band Striking Matches, played all the electric guitars and sang backing vocals too.3. I just finished filming opposite Helen Mirren for HBO’s new mini series Catherine The Great in which I play her young lover Alexander Vasilchikov.

It was my 1st time shooting a period drama and I can’t wait for you guys to see my 17th century wig!4. I currently have salt water 4 aquariums at my house and I keep seahorses. It’s so relaxing and I really enjoy cleaning the tanks and doing all the maintenance to keep everything thriving. When I travel, my friend Seahorse Sam, another enthusiast, takes care of them for me.5. I have a younger brother Mac, who’s a talent artist and photographer.

6. I grew up on the coast of England in the town of Penzance in Cornwall.7. I have a two-year-old Whippet called River who’s the sweetest boy. He used to come to set everyday when I was shooting Nashville but he’s originally from my home town. He’s also on Instagram of course @riverthewhippet, haha!8. I’m a total sci-fi/fantasy geek. I also love graphics novels and comic books. My favorite is “Kingdom Come” by Mark Waid and Alex Ross.9. I love going to see my girlfriend Cassadee Pope sing. I know all the words and harmonies to her songs!10. Cassadee’s french bulldog @cuppythepuppy and River are best friends.

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