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Farrah Abraham: My Body is ALL NATURAL!!!

When you hear Farrah Abraham's name, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Nothing good, probably.

Lots of people would think about Teen Mom in relation to Farrah, and others would definitely think about her back door and that quaint little film featuring it.

And some of you would just jump straight to how completely, ridiculously awful she can be, either at parenting or just in general.

But there's a pretty solid chance that upon hearing the name of our favorite girl here, many of you would think about the heaps of plastic surgery she's had.

Because it's a lot.

It's hard to keep up with everything that Farrah has done to her body over the years, but we do know that she kicked things off with breast implants -- she got those pretty early on, when Sophia was still a baby.

Back then, she went from an A cup to a C, but she's had a few more boob jobs since then, to go bigger and to fix some issues that popped up along the way.

After that, she got a nose job and a chin implant, although she later had the chin implant removed.

She's gotten very into vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, and she also gets lots of injectables.

Over the years, she's gotten butt injections, lip fillers, face fillers, and Botox.

If you look at an old photo of Farrah and compare it to the Farrah of today, it's painfully obvious how much she's changed her appearance.

And if you showed those photos to someone who isn't familiar with her, they might not even think the photos were of the same person.

But despite all those facts, those extremely well-documented facts that she's discussed several times over the years, it sounds like she's changing her tune now.

See, right now Farrah and Sophia are vacationing in Costa Rica, and she shared a video of herself walking around in a revealing swimsuit because that's just the kind of thing she does.

With the way the swimsuit is cut, you can see most of her ass, and a whole lot of side-boob.

And you know people always have something to say.

"Yuck," one person commented. "All that fakeness looks disgusting makes you look deformed."

"When ya booty phat af and your legs look like chicken legs," another person joked, pointing out the size difference between her modified and untouched body parts.

Someone else did the same thing, telling Farrah "Um... those implants look very phony. You've got scrawny arms and legs but a big butt?"

Believe it or not, Farrah herself saw that comment, and she decided to respond.

"Natural lmao get a life," she said.

But wait, it gets even wilder.

Another commenter told her "Yep love the body money bought you," and she hit back with "Training got me this body not money ... wise up."

Yep, this girl is honestly out here trying to say that her body is natural.

You can't make this stuff up.

Someone suggested that Sophia was probably filming this video for Farrah, which could very well be true -- Sophia did film her butt injections, remember.

Farrah called that person a "lost Broke hoe."

Then she really went off.

"God Gave Me A Body," she wrote.

"I train 3 hours a day 4 & if you lazy pieces of sh-t at home want to talk sh-t then take your scared nothing asses to @rumbleatx for 2 hour sessions & let me know if you live past it......"

"Oh datsss right," she finished, "you wouldn't!"

She has been training for that upcoming celebrity boxing match, and she may have just been thinking about that when making all of those replies.

You know, she might have been focusing on all the working out she's been doing lately and in her twisted Farrah brain, she could that's what people were talking about when they began commenting on her body.

Obviously no one was talking about that, and it's absolutely insane that she would would call her body "natural" for any reason.

But delusions are part of her charm, and so here we are.

What a wild, fun ride it always is with Farrah, isn't it?

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