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EXCLUSIVE STORY: Couple Unexpectedly Win $892,392 While Pregnant

A Canadian couple unexpectedly won almost one million dollars while sharing news of wife’s pregnancy on social media! Bailey Dawson and Hunter Dawson of Halifax, Nova Scotia, were struggling artists living check to check. When they got news of Bailey’s pregnancy they contemplated getting stable jobs and forgoing their dreams. Little did they know days later they would have financial freedom for life.

“I had just finished taking 6 different pregnancy tests and they all came back positive,” says Bailey. “I went to share the news of our growing family on Facebook. It was then that I won the money.”

While sharing a heart warming post of her pregnancy on Facebook, Bailey spotted an advertisement. It was for a new online casino, Yukon, that was proving a hit in the United States. “It said that everyone who registered got 80 free spins. All you needed to do was give an email. They didn’t want a deposit or anything. So I signed up there and then.”

”At first I didn’t win anything so I decided to try my luck and deposit $10.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “I was worried that it was a scam, so made sure to cash out right away. But when the money hit my bank instantly, I knew it was true.”

After finding out about their winnings Bailey and Hunter started screaming uncontrollably while on Facebook live. “We are so blessed and fortunate that we can now focus on our dreams. Just a few days ago we were applying for 9-5 jobs and now we can do what we love.”

Gambling industry expert Alan Silver shares his thoughts on this sensation, "What you often see in new online casinos is that the run a huge loss in the beginning because they have a lot of money off roads to come in the hope of new customers. That makes this the perfect time to score well with Yukon. Once a customer base is established winning becomes much harder therefore it is very important to capitalize on new casino games and capture all the winnings you can. "

ATV journalist Marieke Kessel tried it herself. She won $1290 after 7 minutes. "Unfortunately, it's not as much as Bailey and Hunter but I'm not complaining."

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