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Drake Cancels His Miami Concerts Due to a Serious Illness

He says he needed round-the-clock care and TWO doctors.

Drake, friend to Millie Bobby Brown, admirer of Heidi Klum, and feuding partner to Kanye West, is also apparently quite sick. The rapper announced on Instagram today that the reason he canceled two Miami shows on his Scorpion tour was due to the fact that he was too ill to perform.

Drake took to Instagram to release the message and an apology to fans, being all:

The rapper wrote:

I just wanted to say how sorry I am about these two Miami shows. I got so ill so fast and I had never experienced anything like that in my life. Unlike other show cancellations or date adjustments due to production issues this one fell on me and I just want to apologize because I hate letting down anyone who come to share these moments with us. Thank you to the two doctors and nurse that helped me with round the clock care. Miami deserves 100 percent and I promise that experience when we return. Thank you god for allowing me to recover and continue 🙏🏽 on we go!

Drake doesn't say exactly what was wrong with him, but anything requiring round-the-clock care and TWO doctors sounds pretty serious, and like no one could perform under those conditions.

Here's hoping that Drake is 100% recovered from his ~mysterious~ ailment, and that his tour can carry on as planned.

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