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Dr. Dre's wife is seeking a steady flow of serious cash from the music mogul as they head toward divorce ... but our sources say she's not going to get it without a fight.

Nicole Young just filed legal docs asking for temporary spousal support from Dre ... and the amounts are staggering, even for the uber-wealthy.

According to the docs, Nicole wants $1,936,399 monthly in temporary spousal support. She wants an additional $5 million in lawyer fees ... even though she just filed for divorce 2 months ago.

This huge swing by Dre's estranged wife has all the makings of a contentious and bitter divorce battle ... especially since there's already a raging prenup dispute.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... nothing has really changed for the 2 since Nicole filed for divorce -- she still lives in their Malibu house and has access to all the cars, personal chefs and other luxuries.

Our sources say Dre's going to push back, arguing Nicole doesn't need anywhere close to that amount since her lifestyle hasn't changed. Nicole, on the other hand, will argue she doesn't want to depend on Dre paying all the bills ... thus the need for temporary support.

As we reported ... things are already contentious after Nicole filed docs in early August claiming she was forced to sign the prenup back in 1996. She says 2 years into their marriage he told her he was ashamed he made her sign the prenup and tore it up in front of her.

Dr. Dre -- whose net worth is estimated at $800 million -- denies he ever tore up the prenup, and says she signed it willingly and wants it enforced.

Dre and Nicole wed on May 25, 1996, and they have 2 adult children together -- a son named Truice and a daughter named Truly -- so at least they won't have to deal with child support.

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