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Donald Trump went back to the scene of the crime -- AKA a public event at The White House -- to host Black and brown people ... while he's still recovering from COVID-19.

Our COVID-riddled POTUS threw a campaign event Saturday along the South Lawn of the White House, which was meant to cater to supporters of his who are POC ... a group that, statistically speaking, has been unequally infected by the virus -- and often worse.

Trump came out to a terrace-like area with a waiting podium to address the crowd that had formed below -- almost like Mussolini from the balcony ... it seriously had that type of vibe.

Anyway, his remarks were brief -- but it was definitely in the spirit of a traditional Trump rally ... which was an odd scene, considering Trump is usually pretty polished whenever he does White House gigs. Here, it was about as unhinged and off-the-cuff as he might get at a stadium somewhere, except the backdrop of the White House was front and center.

Trump rambled about how his administration had done more for Black and Latino people in this country than probably any president in history -- stuff we've heard him say before -- and he also threw some lines out jabbing at Joe Biden and the "socialist" Democrats. He told his audience -- which were decked out in light blue shirts and red hats -- that they needed to vote the other party to oblivion come Election Day ... which drew cheers from everyone.

He also said he felt great health-wise, and again referred to COVID as the "China virus." Trump went on to promise to eradicate coronavirus all over the world once a vaccine was developed here at home ... something he assured them was right around the corner.

While it's unclear exactly how many people were in attendance -- it's fair to say it was around a few hundred or so. Almost similar to the Amy Coney Barrett event which became a super-spreader event 2 weeks ago to the day. The White House is now riddled with 'rona.

Frankly, today's event was reckless ... even if Trump was far enough from the crowd. No one will be tested, there will be no mandatory mask-wearing and, based on history, there's not likely to be social distancing. Trump did call this a "protest" ... but it's one that could potentially leave people sick or dead -- the White House is a hazard area these days.

The event was organized by ultra-conservative Candace Owens, who launched a "Blexit" campaign urging Black voters to leave the Dems. The theme -- "Remarks to Peaceful Protesters for Law & Order."

Trump will speak from the Truman Balcony. It's unclear if he'll have a face-to-face reception before or after, like he did with the Amy Coney Barrett event.

Although Trump says he feels "perfect" ... there are lots of deep concerns. He clearly still has a cough -- you could hear it when he spoke with Hannity -- and no one at the White House will say if Trump's still testing positive for the virus.  He's also on steroids, which mask symptoms.

Trump is doing everything most doctors say a COVID-positive patient should not be doing. He is not self-isolating, he is exposing himself to an untold number of staff, he is not wearing a mask, he is not resting.

In fairness ... the White House has "instructed" guests to wear masks, but ultimately it seems like it's optional, because the invite goes on to say attendees are "strongly encouraged" to follow CDC guidelines ... including wearing masks and socially distancing. They won't be tested ... just temperature checked.

Although the number of guests are expected to be in the hundreds, 2,000 invitations went out.

Trump will be hitting the road ... making various campaign stops in battleground states.

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