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DEAR ABBY: One-night stand leads to awkward social situation

DEAR ABBY: During a trip to Las Vegas, I kind of had a one-night stand. I’m in a relationship. I felt bad afterward. Problem is, I started having feelings for this guy, “Leo.” We would message back and forth, more on my end than his. I guess you could say I was hung up on him. I have since mended my relationship with my partner.

My issue is, Leo is best friends with my best friend’s husband. When he visits, I am excluded, which means I can’t hang out with her. I tell her we are all adults, we are not in high school and can be in the same room with each other. It’s not fair to me. Are my feelings justified? Any advice? — FEELING SHUNNED ON THE WEST COAST

DEAR FEELING: This isn’t all about YOUR feelings. You stated that you feel you can be in the same room with your best friend, her husband and Leo socially. Hasn’t it occurred to you that Leo may not be as open-minded about that fling as you are? Seeing you may make him feel guilty. This may be a case of “what happens in Vegas” not only not staying in Vegas, but also having repercussions. See your best friend when Leo isn’t around.

DEAR ABBY: Last year, my dear hubby went to the doctor for back pain. Within a week he had been diagnosed with incurable cancer. He’s in treatment, and we hope he will have a long remission, but it has been a very stressful year filled with health issues.

I am now due for my annual checkup, and I’m extremely anxious about it. I’m no spring chicken. I have some issues (high blood pressure, overweight), and I’m terrified she will tell me something awful is wrong. I have been crying for a week now, and I’m almost to the point of canceling my appointment. How do I overcome this extreme anxiety? — FEARING THE WORST IN OHIO

Source: Jeanne Phillips

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