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CHRIS BROWNBACK IN THE U.S.After Paris Rape Case Drama He filed for Deformation Suit.

Chris Brown's touched down in the USA, less than a week after being arrested overseas for allegedly raping a woman ... something he strongly denies, and led him to file a defamation suit.

CB landed in a private jet with his crew at the Van Nuys airport outside L.A. Saturday afternoon. Everyone looked pretty chill after the long flight ... and what was surely a turbulent week in Paris.

As we reported ... Brown was arrested by French police Monday after a woman claimed she was raped by the singer in his hotel suite. CB was released on his own recognizance without bail hours later, though, and free to leave France ... though he stuck around for work.

While the rape case hasn't been dismissed, we're told police had big problems with the accuser's version of events ... which factored into their decision to let Brown go.

Chris also has a problem with her accusations, and he's taken action by filing a defamation suit and criminal case against her Thursday morning.

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