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Ben Affleck Had Been 'Drinking Alone for Days' Before Heading Back to Rehab, Says Source

Ben Affleck was on a downward spiral in the days leading to his return to rehab.

Ben had been drinking alone for days, as per source. issue. He was in bad shape. He had barely been eating and had not showered. It didn't take much convincing. He wanted to go, and he cooperated.

Affleck entered rehab on Aug. 22 with a second source says he needed help and was vocal about it. By his side was ex Jennifer Garner, also 46, who arrived at his home with an addiction therapist at her side. Garner drove the actor to a Malibu treatment center the same day.

Several sources say Affleck had in fact been struggling again for months, though he had been going to meetings and working with a sober coach for much of the last year.

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