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As A Wedding Guest, These Are The Things To Avoid At All Costs

Everyone loves a wedding; it is a time to be with close friends, let loose and celebrate someone in your life’s most important day. What could go wrong? Well, many things, and if you can be the person that doesn’t participate in these wrongdoings, then you can walk away with your head held high. However, as a wedding guest, there are many things you must ensure to make sure things go smoothly.

Remember to RSVP

The trouble with not letting the bride and groom know that you will be attending their wedding is that it will ultimately throw off the seating chart. Give them the heads up, so they’re in the know of who is coming.

Do Not Be Late

Plan your timing in advance. Make sure you do not get there after the time the wedding is set to start. After all, all the attention should be on the bride and groom during the ceremony, and you’ll just cause a lot of blank stares to hit you if you walk in late.

Turn Off Your Phone

There is a time and a place to be on your phone. A wedding is not one, and the ringtone is certainly not wanted for background music. Turn it on silent mode, or off for extra reassurance.

Do Not Bring An Uninvited Plus-One

If the bride and groom wanted you to have a plus-one, they would have let you know in advance. Should they have not told you to bring someone to the wedding, it means you’re to come alone. Even more so, do not ask them the week of the wedding if you can bring someone.

Do Not Wear White

The ultimate don’t for weddings, is not to wear white. Leave that to the bride and let her stand out from the crowd on her big day.

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