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Annual Sistahfest festival at the El Mocambo, March 25


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Contact: Yevheniia Kaliuzhka:

The annual Sistahfest festival under the legendary Neon Palms TORONTO-- In recognition of International Women’s Day, Masani Productions Inc, Rastafest Inc and the Canadian Reggae Music Association present the annual Sistahfest festival on Saturday, March 25, 2023 at the El Mocambo, 464 Spadina Avenue.

This year’s festival is featuring the Grammy nominated, award-winning veteran Sister Carol, the Queen of Reggae in Canada, JUNO and multiple award winning Nana McLean, multi-talented artist and women’s rights activist Jade Faith, and a versatile Christine "Fancy Lady" Williams who was featured in multiple TV shows and dramas, backed by Studio M band.

“Sistahfest is a unique event from a number of perspectives: while entertaining, it has an educational focus, i.e. emphasis is placed on using the arts for vehicles for social change and strengthening community resiliency. The festival was created to empower and celebrate the power and beauty of women by recognizing their strengths, passion, common struggles, and stories,” says Masani Montague, managing director of Masani Productions and Rastafest Inc.

Sistahfest was started in Ottawa, Ontario in 1996 and later was relocated to Toronto in 2006 as part of the annual festival, Rastafest. It has now evolved into an annual multi-disciplinary festival in Toronto, highlighting the diversity of the African-Caribbean-Canadian communities and highlighting the struggles and achievement of women. Throughout the years, Sistahfest has drawn support from a wide, diverse audience.

The artists will also be conducting a weekly talk show broadcasting live on various social media platforms from Studio M starting March 2 and continuing up to March 23 with the Fancy Lady as a show host. To learn more, go to

Excited to hear your thoughts, Yevi


Yevi Kaliuzhka Public Relations Coordinator

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