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Alpha And ClashTV Announce Summer 2023 NBA2K Esports Collaboration

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. (CSE: ALPA) (OTC PINK: APETF) (FSE: 9HN0) (“Alpha” or the “Company”) a technology company that focuses on metaverse, gaming and generative AI, is thrilled to announce the use by Clash TV (“ClashTV”), an interactive live streaming platform built to connect fans with the content and culture they love, of its proprietary gaming platform to launch, power and manage ClashTV’s 2023 NBA2K tournaments. Alpha’s GaaS platform, "Mana", will aim to provide players with a seamless, low-latency gaming experience, providing the opportunity for ClashTV viewers’ an interactive experience engaging with their favorite players, teams, and content creators.

ClashTV will license Alpha’s Mana platform to power interactive NBA2K fan-facing esports tournaments, launching in tandem with ClashTV’s 2023 live streaming season of iconic New York City Summer Streetball. This collaboration is expected to enhance fan engagement for ClashTV’s users by enabling them to connect and interact with the popular basketball video game as well as several of New York’s top streetball leagues that already participate in the NBA2K ecosystem, including Gersh and Rucker Park. ClashTV will utilize features of Alpha’s Mana platform, such as in platform currency, and Alpha’s cloud-based infrastructure to provide scalability and a seamless immersive gaming experience for their users. Additionally, tournament play will livestream on the ClashTV platform, across iOS, Android, and Web application.

"We are incredibly proud to be working alongside a company like ClashTV, which celebrates fandom and brings high-engagement cultural and sports content to wider audiences," said Brian Wilneff, CEO of Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. "Our innovative Mana platform allows the Company a build-to-order GaaS offering that can be used in a wide array of different functions. Mana is well suited to support the high demands of launching and managing NBA2K league player participation, and we're excited to see our technology on display."

"I believe that the intersection of gaming, esports and sports live streaming represents the future of super fandom and cross-platform, cross-genre engagement,” said Jonathan Anastas, CEO of ClashTV. "At ClashTV, we believe that our collaboration with Alpha will enable us to reward our liver streamers, our viewers and our creator partners with a better, more seamless product. As a long-time member of the Alpha board, I’m more than confident that Mana will deliver on what ClashTV needs and much more.”

About Alpha Metaverse: Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. (CSE: ALPA) (OTC: APETF) (FRA: 9HN0) is a publicly traded company, holding a portfolio of assets in metaverse, gaming and generative AI. Operational units include: Shape Immersive, a full service metaverse studio building the future of web3 gaming and virtual retail experiences for Fortune 500 companies and beyond through 3D, NFT, XR and game production; MANA, a custom-built SaaS solution and innovation lab that empowers partner companies to level up their community engagement by launching their own gaming platforms; GamerzArena, a gaming platform that provides an esports ecosystem for all gamers. The platform provides video game contests for top titles where gamers can compete for cash and prizes. Alpha clients and partners include RTFKT, Olympics, Star Altas, Red Bull, Intel, TED and more.

About ClashTV:

ClashTV is an interactive livestreaming platform built to connect fans with the content and culture they love. Whether on mobile or desktop, ClashTV allows the audience to view livestreamed and VOD content, vote or clap, chat on-screen with other fans, purchase merchandise, take part in quizzes and promotional giveaways, and more. Bringing next-level digital engagement to real-world happenings, from New York City’s most legendary street basketball leagues to mixed martial arts to debate, we bring the audience closer to the action and help the creators better monetize their passion. Check out the mobile app on the iOS and Android platforms, as well as on the web.


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On Behalf of The Board of Directors Brian Wilneff Chief Executive Officer

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