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A world premiere -- Theobroma Chocolat launches a first organic, plant-based, Zero sugar chocolate

QUEBEC CITY, Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Theobroma Chocolat, recognized for its organic chocolate products, is innovating once again through the global launch of Yummy Zero Sugar, a new plant-based, zero sugar, organic chocolate. Social manufacturing has been a key cornerstone of innovation efforts since this Canadian company, which was founded in Quebec, began operations. Two years ago, Theobroma Chocolat challenged its R&D team to create a Zero sugar, nutritious, and delicious-tasting chocolate, and a line of complementary protein chocolate snacks. It took lots of hard work: but mission accomplished!

Yummy Zero Sugar is an indulgent healthy alternative which provides consumers with low to zero sugar options. Our delicious alternatives complement our current collections and align with our quest to be a delicious force for change. We don’t say no to sugar. But we focus our energy on creating healthier indulgence that are fun, care about you, the planet and your eating habits,” says Jean-René Lemire Theobroma Chocolat’s co-president, and co-founder.

Theobroma Chocolat is targeting a growing demand. According to research conducted by Sugarwise, an international certification authority that assesses sugar content in foods and beverages, and Strategy, a consultancy, in 2010, 39% of Canadian consumers said that sugar content was an important criterion that they took into account when selecting foods. By 2017, that number had jumped to 69%. In 2020, fully 72% of Canadians said that low sugar content was a priority and nearly 80% of those surveyed said they wanted to reduce their sugar intake. Experts say that consumers are now taking in 10 times the amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Our Yummy Zero Sugar products won't fix everything. But they will help consumers meet World Health Organization recommendations! The ingredients have been carefully chosen, are certified organic, and deliver on the same promise as all Theobroma products: pleasure first, enjoy! Yummy Zero Sugar has a rare flavor profile that matches that of dark chocolate with sugar while surpassing the traditional no sugar added chocolate experience. Theobroma Chocolat has achieved this goal with its range of premium certified organic products,” says Josée Vigneault, the company’s co-president and co-founder.

The products Minis with flavours Coconut and Special Dark.

A Canadian and a world premiere

Yummy Zero Sugar is made with an organic and natural sweetener that is rich in vegetable fibers. This fiber derives its content from cassava fibers. These fibers differ from the current sugar-free or sugar-controlled confectionery products that are available on the Canadian market, which use synthetic sweeteners that are hard on the digestive system, and which mask the creamy taste of chocolate.

Theobroma Chocolat will introduce its Yummy Zero Sugar product line to major industry players at the upcoming Canadian Health Food Association Natural Organic Wellness (CHFA NOW) exposition which will take place in Toronto on September 17th and 18th, 2022. The Quebec company also made the short list of confectionery innovations, with its organic plant-based sugar-free chocolate, which were highlighted at the 2022 Sweet Snack Expo in Chicago.

“CHFA NOW is a great venue that Canada's natural, organic and wellness products developers can leverage to introduce new offerings. We look forward to meeting innovators who are breaking boundaries at this important event,” said Aaron Skelton, CHFA NOW’s President and CEO.

Theobroma Chocolat's new Yummy Zero Sugar line is available online at

The new collection will be launched in October in Chicago, a city which bills itself as “the candy capital of the world.” Shortly after that the products will be available throughout the United States.

About Theobroma Chocolat Theobroma Chocolat was founded in 2008 in Quebec by Josée Vigneault and Jean-René Lemire. The plant was built around our vision of Getting Smarter Together. Each product that we make must respect the five commandments in our “Chocolate Charter.” These include: Pleasure first, enjoy it! We care about our planet! We care about you and future generations! We say no to artificial flavors! We say no to GMOs!

Theobroma Chocolat is a recognized leader in the North American organic and fair-trade gourmet chocolate industry. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations that promote sustainable development and a taste for happiness. The products of our Quebec based company are available throughout Canada

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