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17 things millionaires do differently from everyone else

Self-made millionaires do things a little differently from everyone else.They allocate their time and energy differently, focusing more on personal growth, their thoughts, investments, and work.They also exhibit heightened levels of certain traits, like frugality, resiliency, conscientiousness, and consistency.Visit for more stories.

Self-made millionaires didn't get to the two-comma club without doing things a little differently from the rest.

Various researchers who studied hundreds of self-made millionaires for several years have found that many tend to practice different habits or display heightened traits that help them build wealth. Many millionaires, for example, allocate their time differently - they spend more time focusing on personal growth, planning for investments, and working, and less time sleeping.

They also gravitate toward similar wealth-building strategies, like saving as much as they can and bringing in multiple income streams. And when it comes to investing, millionaires love low-cost index funds and real estate. Millionaires also tend to be frugal, conscientious, and resilient - all traits that help amplify their wealth-building actions.

While some of the behaviors above may also ring true for non-millionaires, millionaires often exhibit them at a stronger level and with more consistency.

Here's what sets millionaires apart from everyone else - besides a seven- to nine-figure net worth.

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