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10 Signs You Are a Confident Person

Confident people sparkle and shine, but they might not even realize why! If you are a confident person, the world is a happier place to be. Here's how to tell if you got the zazz from these signs you are a confident person.

Whether you're trying to navigate the world of Tinder dates or reading up job interview tips, one thing always seems to be mentioned in the advice you'll hear. That advice, of course, is to be confident when you talk to others.

Confidence is the "secret sauce" that makes people trust you, makes you feel good, and makes coping rejection feel less painful. No matter what you're trying to do, you will have an easier time doing it if you're confident in yourself.

Speaking as someone who's met truly confident people, the funny part about confidence is that you often don't realize that you have it until people point it out. Wondering if you're really confident is actually fairly common in some people.

At times, it can be hard to figure out where you stand on the confidence scale. If you are a confident person, then we're willing to bet that these things ring true about you.

When people get rude with you, you stand up for yourself.

Confident people are not pushovers nor are they hyper-aggressive. If you are a confident person, you are assertive. You're mellow and nice when you can be, but if someone crosses boundaries, you will make sure to stand up for yourself.

Even if you know you're in the right, it takes a lot of confidence to actually stand up for yourself in most situations. Some might even call it being brave. No matter what people call it, the truth is that a person who calmly confronts someone is a person who oozes confidence.

The most common sign of an insecure person is the need to impress everyone around them and to be the center of attention. The reason why is simple: Insecure people need to know that people like them and they feel like they can't get people to like them without impressing them.

Confident people, on the other hand, don't really need to impress others. They don't care enough to try to go out of their way because they have better things to do.

You also don't have a need to put other people down.

When you are a confident person, you don't have to make sure that you're the winner all the time. You'll be happy that others have good fortune too—and that means that you won't feel the urge to take others down if they're doing well for themselves.

Insecure people need to be the ones at the top of the totem pole all the time, otherwise, they will feel worthless. So, they insult others and tear others down as a way to feel better about themselves.

When you are okay and happy with yourself, you don't need to be top banana all the time. When you're not feeling threatened by others, you won't have a need to lash out at them.

Confident people are not threatened by others' success. In fact, they enjoy seeing others make it big. Insecure people, on the other hand, don't like seeing others succeed—especially if they failed where the people in question succeeded.

This goes back to the fact that confident people have no need to be #1 all the time. By pulling others up and enjoying watching others succeed, you're showing that you're confident in your abilities and realize that winning all the time isn't really possible.

Though you totally should, you really don't overthink things.

Overthinking is called "paralysis by analysis," and is a calling card of an insecure person. When you overthink things, you're doing it because you're worried about failing or because you may subconsciously believe that you will not fare well with what you're tasked to do.

Confident people might analyze their options, but they won't overthink. They just know that they are going to succeed and don't feel anxiety over every little detail as a result.

If you are a confident person, your body language and voice will show that fact. People who are confident speak with authority, have an open body language style, and also carry themselves in a mellow, relaxed manner.

When you convey confidence, you are unflappable. You are the type of person that people listen to, because that kind of attitude is exceedingly rare these days.

Even when things are going awry, they will act in a chilled out way. That's why people prefer having confident individuals around them when stuff begins to fall apart. Confident people inspire confidence in others through their voice and body language.

When you compliment others, you're not trying to get a compliment in return.

Insecure people need to be complimented on a regular basis and will often fish for them. The most common way they fish for compliments is by showering others with them. If that doesn't work, they will often mention how they wish they'd be called pretty or successful.

When you're confident in yourself, your compliments are more genuine. You're not looking to be told that your outfit rocks or that you have a great personality. You just really appreciate something about people and you want to tell someone that it's an awesome trait, quality, or aspect about them.

You are a confident person if you are able to admit that you're wrong or that you are afraid of something. Counterintuitive as it may be, admitting that you're scared shows that you're strong enough to be honest with yourself and others.

When you're struggling with insecurity, you'll find it way harder to admit that you have flaws. This is because you're so terrified of being seen as weak or incompetent, that you have to control the frame.

A confident person will be okay with admitting fault, knowing it's not the end of the world. They know the sun will rise another day, and that they can bounce back from it.

You work hard, get results, and are fine with tackling harder tasks.

In the workplace, confidence tends to show through in your work results. If you take a look around your office, the people who are the most confident are the ones who are on top of their work, do their job well, and are always taking on harder tasks.

Confidence gives you an air of bravery that others won't have at work. That vibe will help you get better results in the office and become more productive in every arena you're in.

A lot of people gain confidence because of the work they've done. If you're one of those people, then you probably know that true confidence comes from accomplishing things.

When you are a confident person, you are probably well-aware of how the wrong people can end up undermining your confidence. That means that you will get way more choosy about who you hang out with.

In many circles, confidence is frowned upon. That's because people who aren't doing well typically can't stand seeing others be happy in themselves either. These people typically become toxic friends that drag you down along with them.

Being confident means that you don't need people around you as much. This means that you can become more selective about who you chill with, which in turn means you'll be unwilling to deal with toxic behavior.

If you're choosy about who you hang out with, then you are confident enough to survive solo.

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