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10 Habits of Extremely Likeable People.

Meeting new people can be a challenge for anyone. There’s no way to make everyone like you, but there are a few tricks to making you more likeable—and many of them will prove that your mama was right about a few things.

1. They greet the world with a smile on their face

It should come as no surprise that people who smile a lot are generally considered friendly. If you want to be likeable, put on a happy face. Not only does it show off your pearly whites, but it helps make a good first impression, which is another habit of likeable people, according to Inc.

2. They ask questions

Don’t take this the wrong way, but people are inherently a little self-centered. That’s why most people love it when they are asked questions about themselves and invited to share stories. It’s the secret to starting a conversation with almost anyone. As Entrepreneur puts it, “Knowing how to start a conversation on the right foot is key to immediately instilling a sense of belonging and connection.”

3. They are consistent

People like people who are consistent, as Travis Bradberry, an emotional intelligence expert writes in Forbes. When you run into someone at the library or invite them to your house for dinner, you want to know what to expect. Those wild cards can be fun for a night on the town, but in day to day life being reliable and even-tempered is a much more likable trait.

4.They remember names and use them

According to Psychology Today, when you meet someone, simply repeating their name in a sentence, like “Great to meet you, Sarah Ann!” can make you seem friendly, which is an important step to being likeable.

5. They put the phone away

Ordinary cell phone etiquette dictates that it’s rude to pull out your phone while speaking to someone face to face. People don’t appreciate being snubbed in favor of a cellphone (the kids call it “phubbing”) and it makes the person with the phone less likable. Unless it’s an emergency, leave it the phone in your pocket.

6. They keep an open mind and don’t pass judgement

No one will confide in someone if they are worried about being judged. The most likeable people are those who can listen without passing judgment, keep an open mind about whatever it is they are hearing, and making people feel both heard and understood, according to Entrepreneur.

7. They are authentic

No one likes a fake, notes Forbes. As your mother told you, be yourself and people will like you. Those people who are genuine, honest, and authentic are not only happier but much more likeable.

8. They are kind and generous

While being kind and generous is its own reward, it can also make people more willing to help you in the future. Research suggests that when you need a favor, it’s harder for people to say no to you if you have done something for them recently, according to Psychology Today.

9. They're accountable for their mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but the most likeable people will admit when they screw up and try to rectify the situation, according to Inc. Apologies go a long way to making people like you.

10. They send thank you notes

Every Southern mama will be thrilled to know that according to Inc one of the traits of likeable people is sending thank you notes. Just like mama always told you!

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